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Buying private healthcare insurance can often be a bugbear and an additional expense when bought separately. But if you just happen to be a member of the AA already for car insurance and breakdown recovery, you may well be able to save a few pennies by merging your policies under one roof rather than with individual insurance providers.

The AA has been more involved historically with the health of your car than of the person driving it. Though with the modern age, security of the driver and health of an individual customer has become a more important aspect of the company.

It is the AA by name only however – which can be a good thing. behind the scenes health insurance plans are proffered and under written by AXA PPP healthcare limited and Health-on-Line Company (UK) Ltd on behalf of the AA.

There are several health plans available, travel insurance, Over 50’s life insurance, Instant life cover and comprehensive life cover with private healthcare insurance offering a ‘Surprisingly affordable health insurance’ alternative.