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BUPA may be normally associated with healthcare, but they also offer wide range of insurance products, including life insurance cover and travel insurance.

They were originally set up shortly after the Second World War and came about when 17 separate companies joined together to form a single organisation. The primary aim of the then British United Provident Association was to provide care for a large number of the UK population.

BUPA has expanded its operation worldwide since its foundation in 1947 and now provides services for over 10 million customers in 200 countries.

BUPA originally set out to provide medical insurance for its customers, but its expansion has seen it offer a range of different types of cover, such as life insurance.

BUPA – Flexible and Dependable

The cover on offer from BUPA is very flexible, allowing customers to select a plan which is suited to their specific needs.

Depending on your circumstances, you can pick of the type of cover you want and how much you want to pay each month in premiums.

BUPA provide five different basic types of cover. These are Level Term Cover, Family Income Benefit Cover, Mortgage Protection Term Cover, Renewable Term Cover And Decreasing Term Cover.

But that’s not all as BUPA also provide their customers with access to their 24-hour BUPA Healthline Support Service.

Two of BUPA’S most popular producst are their Level Term Life Cover and their Family Income Benefit Cover.

The Level Term Cover pays out a lump once a specified term has elapsed while the Family Benefit Cover will pay your dependents a fixed amount each month for a set number of years.

Many customers also opt to take out Critical Illness Cover in addition to BUPA life insurance.

Compare BUPA Life Insurance

With some many products on offer, it can be difficult picking the right one. However, it is essential to compare to get the best deal and with dozens of providers operating in the UK, this can be quite daunting. But, failure to explore all your options could lead to you paying too much for your life insurance.

If you want to compare BUPA Life Insurance with the best the rest of the market has to offer, then come to us. We compare hundreds of policies from providers across the UK to find the best deal for you.

All you have to do to find affordable life insurance which suits your needs if fill out the simple form and talk to one of our expert team.

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