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MedicAid UK – Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few things in life which you shouldn’t take for granted, and one of them is your health. Luckily for you, we don’t take it for granted either and that’s why we only work with FSA-approved advisers when finding the private medical insurance which meets your own specific needs.

Here, we’ve put together some useful information to give you a better idea of what’s involved when you get an online health insurance quote. However, please note that this should not be construed as financial advice or guidance over which insurer to choose. You must only act on advice obtained from advisers who are approved by the Financial Services Authority.

Why pay for health insurance?

The National Health Service (NHS) is the UK’s public healthcare system which is paid for by the taxpayer. Most healthcare services in Britain are provided by the NHS. It treats patients free at the point of contact, such as in a GP’s surgery or hospitals, and also can treat long-term health problems and perform surgery.

But the weight of demand has taked its toll on the NHS over the years and more and more funds have been ploughed into it in order to alleviate some of those problems.

Previous governments have raised National Insurance contributions in order to divert more money into the NHS, with former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown asserting that he wanted the service to be “the best insurance policy in the world“.

Still, with all the money that has been pumped into it, the NHS is still struggling to attain a good standard of health. Critics argue that a lot of funds are eaten up by red tape and point to the fact that there are still problems such as staff shortages and failing hospitals, as well as endless problems with waiting lists at NHS facilities.

In order to ensure a great level of care, a large number of people have decided to seek out private healthcare.

Normally, private medical care is seen as quite expensive, but with a good private healthcare policy, those costs can be met by your insurer.

Patients needn’t worry about whether to get private treatment, therefore, as private medical insurance (PMI) can foot the bill.

How does private medical insurance work?

PMI can deliver a twin-track service to policyholders. Firstly, it will assist with the cost of private healthcare for a number of stated injuries or illnesses. it will cover the cost of illnesses which are regularly curable and injuries.

It can also ensure you receive quick and high-quality treatment when you need it and that you will be able to choose which private hospital or healthcare facility in which to have your treatment carried out.

And it isn’t just patients who are availing of the accommodating services supplied by private health insurance.

Many NHS doctors feel that being able to schedule appointments to suit them is a big plus when it comes to working in the private sector. In each of the last five years, the amount of doctors who have gone into private healthcare has jumped by five per cent.

How much will private health insurance cost?

The cost of private health insurance will depend on a number of different factors. Your age, gender, overall state of health, medical history and whether you are a smoker or not will all affect the cost of private healthcare insurance or even decide whether you qualify for cover or not.

Why use

In order to find a private health insurance policy which suits your needs, MedicAid will give you free healthcare insurance quotes that reflect your situation.

With the assistance of FSA-approved advisers, MedicAid works hard to construct an individual healthcare insurance quote that is as unique as you.  Our partners will search through a huge range of insurers, unearthing the best deals on healthcare and life insurance. Policies offered by hundreds of providers will be scrutinised to see if they are suitable for you.

Obtaining a quote for private health insurance from MedicAid will cost you nothing and you will not be obliged to purchase any policy we find for you.

What you will be guaranteed, however, is a fast and simple way of finding the best health insurance deals.

Which policy provider should I opt for?

Only by carrying out extensive research will you be able to find which insurer and which policy best suits your needs. You may consider phoning a number of different providers to get quotes for health insurance and a broad idea of what they offer.

At MedicAid, however, we can, in conjunction with FSA-approved consultants, help you search a wide range of providers for you to find the most competitively priced and best value policies.

However, no matter what method you choose to follow, it is highly advisable that you consider policies which you can afford and which meet your own personal medical needs. You should also be aware of the private hospitals in your locality and choose a policy which allows you to make use of them when needed.

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