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People who opt to pay for private healthcare, as opposed to depending on the National Health Service, will need to buy health insurance or private medical insurance, which is often referred to as PMI.

Private health insurance will cover the cost of private healthcare treatment, meaning going private has become much more affordable for many more people, so why not take the opportunity to get the best cover today?

Serious medical conditions which a person is diagnosed with after they have been approved for health insurance coverage can be treated, giving the patient the peace of mind that the costs are being taken care of.

Such conditions can be classed as sicknesses or injuries which can be successful treated with fast and effective healthcare. This means the person who has taken out private health cover can receive a high standard of medical treatment when they need it most, allowing them to get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Where more serious health conditions, such as cancer are concerned, the nature of cover may vary between providers. Different insurers may offer different kinds of treatment for the long-term condition the patient suffers from.

It is, therefore, important to study the small print before taking out any such cover to make sure you understand which conditions and illnesses you will be covered for. This will allow you to make a more informed choice about whether the policy is suitable for you.

Your health is priceless

For many people, taking out private medical insurance means they can be safe in the knowledge that, should they contract any serious medical condition, they will receive a high standard of treatment in a prompt manner. They are also attracted by the option of being able to choose which specialist they would like, the type of treatment available to them and at which hospital or private healthcare facility they wish to receive their treatment.

Many policies quote the option for patients to have a private room in hospital which often includes en-suite facilities and a number of other features to keep them comfortable during their treatment. These options may not be available through the NHS.

Once your cover starts, the policy will be renewed each year. If you need to receive treatment for any condition, you must firstly be referred by your GP or another healthcare specialist.

Providing the treatment you are going to receive has been covered in the terms of you policy, then your medical insurance provider will meet the cost.

This can be done in one of two ways – your insurer will either pay the healthcare service directly or send you the money if you have paid for the treatment yourself.

You will find that there are limits on how much a group or individual policy will pay out for specific treatments. These will be stated in your policy before you take it out, so you will only be able to claim for the amount of cover you have taken out. For more info please read our FAQ

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You will have to fill out an online health insurance quote when you are applying for healthcare insurance. Like any other form of insurance, you should be open and honest from the outset, because if you supply inaccurate information, it could affect your cover or payments you received towards treatment.

Getting top quality cover from a reputable provider is an excellent way to safeguard against the cost of treating illnesses or diseases you suffer after you have taken out cover. It will not, however, cover you for conditions you are already suffering from when you apply for a policy.

But, it will provide you with the comfort of knowing you have strong support for the road ahead.

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