Birth Injury and Cerebral Palsy

Birth Injury and Cerebral Palsy – Medical Claims & Compensation

Fortunately, cases involving maternal or foetal injuries during birth are rare but when problems do occur, they can have devastating consequences that last a lifetime. Our partners specialise in such claims and believe in providing full support to our clients and their families throughout the investigation and aim to resolving the cases as swiftly as procedures allow.

Birth Injury and Cerebral Palsy Success Stories:

Re: A
A was a young boy of 3 who suffered permanent brain damage due to a lack of care during an anaesthetic at his dental surgery where he had gone to have several milk teeth removed. He was given a general anaesthetic during which sadly he suffered a lack of oxygen which is what caused the brain damage. We obtained £1.5 million for A which enabled him, his brother and single mum to move to their own house and for A to have a carer when he needed one and to compensate him for his loss of earnings as he was never going to be able to work.
This case also resulted in Regulations being changed so that children’s anaesthetics can never again be given in a dental surgery. Children have to go to hospital where there can be proper supervision of the anaesthetic process.

Re: S
This is a case involving the birth of twin girls. One sadly died and the other was born with Cerebral Palsy due to the negligent handling of the mother’s birth. The case settled for £3 million pounds which will help provide for the child’s care and accommodation needs and her loss of earnings. It will greatly improve the family’s quality of life and indeed on hearing the settlement, S’s mother said “8 years ago our lives were taken away and today you’ve given them back” .

Re: B
Claimant suffered brain damage during birth due to oxygen starvation resulting in Cerebral Palsy comprising asymmetrical spaxtic quadriplegia, developmental delay, learning difficulties and associated mental and physical handicaps complicated by epilepsy. Liability was denied throughout. Case settled for £1,050,000.

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