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Gynaecology and obstetrics – Medical Negligence Claims

Our partners have acted for women who have had complications from hysterectomies, cancer cases and women who have suffered 4 th degree tears after childbirth. This can be a devastating problem, because, unless it is recognised at the time the mother may need to have a colostomy and extensive surgery. At a time which should be such a happy one, the mother has to go back into hospital, meaning she is separated from her baby.

Often after negligent gynaecological treatment women are left with sexual problems, or problems with incontinence. They may have difficulties with fertility. For many women all this can lead to psychological problems or depression as well.

Our partners have several women working in the Healthcare team; you can be assured that any embarrassing or intimate problems you discuss will be dealt with sympathetically.

Gynaecology and Obstetrics Success Stories:

Re: Miss T
Miss T was a young mother who needed a hysterectomy because she was suffering from heavy periods.
She agreed to this but particularly asked for her cervix to be left behind, because she had been told (wrongly as it turns out) that the cervix is important for sexual function.
When she had the operation her surgeon did not check the consent form and took out her cervix as well. She was sent home but unfortunately had a serious complication, life-threatening bleeding. This bleeding was from a vessel that would not have been touched if her cervix had been left behind.
Miss T was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder because the bleeding had been so frightening. Her settlement allowed her to get the counselling she needed to treat this.

Re: Mrs S
Mrs S was a young mother who suffered a peri-anal tear during the birth of her second child. The fetal incontinence she suffered subsequently did not end until her repair surgery had been completed which meant that she was unable to return to work and she suffered deep rooted psychosexual problems which affected her marriage. Fortunately, the case was settled without any litigation within 8 months of us being instructed for £17,000.00.

Re: C
Claimant suffered extensive perineal tear during birth of first child. Full extent of tear undiagnosed and unprepared. As a result Claimant suffered severe incontinence, pain, embarrassment, cosmetic disfigurement and sexual disfunction. Claimant suffered from pre-existing psychiatric problems and was unable to tell anyone about her problems. Extent of damage went undiagnosed until birth of third child in 1993, despite birth of second child in 1990. Liability by GP and first hospital denied throughout. Case settled for £30,000.

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