No win no fee Medical Negligence Claims

No win no fee

It is possible to bring a compensation claim without paying for any lawyers’ fees!

Our partners are No Win No Fee solicitors – this means that unless they succeed in securing you some compensation whether by settlement out of court or by a court decision – they do not get paid!

They have all the right contacts to arrange insurance for you to safeguard you against the risk of having to pay your opponents legal costs in the event that you do not receive any compensation.

It will be necessary for you to pay your medical experts, court fees and for other expenses.  Sometimes they can arrange for these fees to be deferred (if you are in receipt of benefits court fees can usually be waived) or sometimes they will even pay for them until you win your claim.

A No Win No Fee solicitor from the specialist team will be pleased to explain this to you in more detail free of charge.

When our partners act for our clients on a No Win No Fee basis they take the risk.

How does it all work?

  • They tell you whether your case is likely to win or lose.
  • If they think you are going to win they may agree to carry out all the work on your case without our own fees being paid unless and until you win, or partly win, your claim.
  • If you win or partly win they charge their usual fee (which we call ‘basic costs’) and a percentage success fee in addition to compensate them for the risk tey have taken and the delay in being paid – this percentage is agreed at the outset and is based on the amount of the basic costs not on the amount of compensation recovered.
  • Your basic costs are payable by your opponent if you win
  • The success fee comprises two parts
    • The risk element – this is paid by your opponent and is the larger part
    • The delay element – this is paid by you. Sometimes we agree the delay element can be nil.
  • To make sure there is no risk of you having to pay anything if you lose you can arrange ‘After The Event insurance’ to protect you from having to pay your opponents legal costs. The premium for this policy can generally be recovered from your opponent.
  • A formal ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’ is prepared and signed by you and our partners to record all the details.

It is always our partners intention that their clients receive the maximum benefit from their compensation.

 Medical Negligence Claims & Clinical Compensation