Orthopaedics and tendon injuries

Orthopaedics and tendon injuries – Claims & Compensation

Our partners act for many clients who have had problems after fractures or joint replacements. These can be difficult cases in our experience, but we do appreciate that these clients can be in terrible pain and may well be facing amputations.

They have also been very successful helping claimants who have had hand injuries. A simple cut, if it isn’t recognised that it was deep enough to damage the tendons, can lead to serious disability. Recognised at the time the repair can be straightforward; delay and our clients are left facing months of painful treatment and surgery. They may have difficulty working, especially if the injury involves their dominant hand.

The value of your claim depends on your individual circumstances. Your solicitor will ask you about your job, your family and your hobbies as well the problems you now face.

Orthopaedic Success Stories:

Re: Mrs L
Mrs L had arthritis in her big toe. She had a joint replacement performed privately. The operation was probably not needed. To make matters worse, the wrong type and size of replacement was inserted. She required further surgery and is likely to need another operation in 5 years time.
Mrs L was an active woman, who has had to give up lots of activities because of the pain she now has. Before the operation she enjoyed Sunday walks with the family, playing with her grandchildren, dancing, and shopping till she dropped. Her feet are now different sizes, so she needs to buy two pairs of shoes for each pair she needs.
Bolt Burdon Kemp settled her claim for £32,000.00. Of that, about £15,000.00 was for her pain and suffering.

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