Pressure sores

Pressure sores – Claims & Compensation

One of the problems associated with surgery or long-term illness is immobility. For hospital patients any period of immobilisation is usually assessed and steps taken to avoid complications such as pressure sores.

Unfortunately however, despite shorter hospital admissions and treatment by physiotherapists and nurses, some patients do develop serious pressure sores. Once identified these are often successfully treated, but in rare cases they go un-noticed, or untreated or both.

This can result in serious and even fatal consequences for the patient.

Our partners are nationally recognised experts in handling pressure sore claims.

They have:-

Worked on a wide range of these cases.
Become a source of referral for pressure sore claims.
Built up a unique database of medical and nursing experts to advise on these cases.
Obtained large compensation awards to cover care costs, prosthetic replacement and adaptations to the home.

Pressure Sores Success Stories:

Re: Mr. B
Mr. B developed a pressure sore whilst in hospital undergoing an operation for an ode node carcinoma of the colon. The pressure sore would not heal partly because Mr. B was diabetic and partly because it had become so deep during his hospital admission. This resulted in a below the knee amputation of his right leg. He therefore had to undergo the amputation, rehabilitation and had a prosthetic leg. His case settled for £100,000.00 which reflected two years’ loss of earnings and his out of pocket expenses, care costs and prosthetic replacements. He was 68 at the time of the claim.
This case settled without any litigation following an investigation, including obtaining the medical records and an independent expert opinion.

Re: Mrs C
Mrs C aged 80 developed pressure sores on her heels and sacrum whilst having respite care in a nursing home. She was also diabetic. The pressure sores deteriorated so that she needed an above knee amputation of one leg and a colostomy. Her settlement of £300,000.00 has allowed her loving family to care for her in a way she deserved

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