Spinal injuries

Spinal injuries – Medical Claims & Clinical Compensation

Spinal injuries range from the minor to totally debilitating injuries causing permanent paralysis.

They may caused by negligent treatment or an existing injury may be made worse by negligent medical care.

Specialist expertise is needed and our partners work closely with specialist personal injury spinal colleagues (see Compensation for Spinal Injuries) and with the top medical experts in this field.

Spinal Injuries Success Stories:

Re: Mrs S
Mrs S was 44 at the time she underwent a discectomy at her local hospital for back and leg pain. She suffered compression of the nerves afterwards due to bleeding and the formation of a blood clot in the spinal column which was not diagnosed. This resulted in partial paralysis from the waist down, incontinence of urine and faeces. Her case settled for £500,000.00 which represented loss of earnings, compensation for pain and suffering and loss of quality of life and care claim.
Again this case settled without litigation after investigation and appropriate evidence was obtained in support of the claim.

Re: Dr G
This claim involved a lady who underwent a successful discectomy but went on to develop an infection of the spine called ‘discitis’. This was not diagnosed and treated until she had suffered irreversible damage to her spine. The claim settled at a settlement meeting for £300,000 which was compensation for pain, loss of quality of life and loss of earnings and expenses.

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