Stillbirth – Medical Claims & Clinical Compensation

Our partnersact for clients where the care that they and their unborn child received was sub-standard.

Medical complications before and during birth, including poor monitoring of foetal distress, oxygen deprivation, trapped or compressed umbilical cord, infections and maternal health complications can sadly result in the stillbirth of a child.

There may be a potential clinical negligence claim if treatment the mother received was sub standard. Both parents are entitled to compensation for any injury or loss, including psychiatric injury that may occur after the tragic stillbirth of their child.

During this devastating time, our partners offer a sympathetic and holistic approach to your legal claim. They communicate directly with your treatment providers, not only to obtain monetary compensation, but to secure an apology if possible.

Examples of Stillbirth Cases where compensation was agreed:

Re: G
acted on behalf of a woman whose baby died before he was born. Sadly there was not appropriate monitoring by the Trust the night before our client was due to give birth by caesarean section. We obtained an apology from the Trust. They also admitted breach of duty and after obtaining an expert Obstetricians report, made an offer of settlement that was accepted by our client one month after she first contacted us. Regrettably we will never be able to ‘turn back the clock’ for our client though the compensation and the apology have helped her come to terms with her grief. client’s courage in pursuing her claim has highlighted to the Trust how they can prevent further tragedies.

Re: F
Defendant failed to warn of risks of home-birth and failed to monitor Claimant properly during her labour at home. Consequently the Claimant delivered a still-born child and suffered significant psychiatric problems. Case settled or £12,500.

Re: P
Defendant hospital was unable to locate vital medical records which would prove that the hospital was negligent in allowing a perfectly healthy baby to die in 30 minutes before birth. Nevertheless case settled for £21,000.

Medical Negligence Claims & Clinical Compensation