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For over 350 years since it was first installed by King Charles II, the Post Office has been responsible for England and the UK’s postal system Empire wide. Today however the company has been split into three parts, BT, Royal Mail and the Post Office and is held in majority by shareholders.

The Post Office sells a range of government issued licenses and enables the public and businesses to send post, parcels and money both internally and abroad, offering a range of financial products including health insurance.

The health insurance policies sold by the Post office include several popular packages on competitive terms. These are Life Insurance cover, Over 50s Life Cover and a specially designed New Parent Free Life Cover.

The latter covers those with new born babies, cover in the event of death with first birthday coverage and both parent’s insured. The life insurance cover deal with most situations with individual determining factors and an over 50’s insurance plan and life cover for those who need to adjust to a different lifestyle.