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One of Britain’s most popular supermarkets, Sainsburys opened up as a banking retailer back in 1997 and was on of the first to issue a wide range of financial products and insurance offerings under its historic brand.

Today Sainsburys Bank is an independent funds manager backed by its retail operations and like many financial operations in the UK, is overseen by the Prudential Regulation Authority.

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Sainsbury’s Health insurance covers four distinct financial products that concern a large percentage of the UK public. The first is an Over 50s Life Insurance Plan aimed at those taking out a plan later in life. Either through concern fora new partner or new children on the scene.

There are three further life insurance plans which cover Level Term Life insurance, Mortgage Term Insurance and Mortgage Decreasing Term Insurance. Each having their own separate payouts and benefits, protecting different assets and mortgage repayment schemes with viable lump sums awarded.