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Private medical health insurance is offered by a great many companies these days but if you wish to gain a little more reward for your loyalty, you could probably receive a much better offer by signing up for health care through your local UK supermarket. Gift cards and club points are available throughout application to referral.

Tesco Bank was incorporated in 1997 with RBS to become a stand alone bank in its own right in 2009 by buying out the Scottish bank’s share holding. Today its six million account holders have access to a range of off the shelf financial services and integrated insurance products.

There are two health care options available for individuals, families and further coverage for children. At the time of writing, Option 1 is listed as a ‘Consultations and Tests’ coverage which will provide access to specialists and diagnostic tests as well as outpatient care.

Option 2 is termed ‘Additional Therapies’ and is a comprehensive private health insurance plan which offers cover up to £1000 a year and includes acupuncture, homoeopathy treatments, chiropractic, and physiotherapy treatments.